Aug 7 -


Well if you're wondering, I'm Tina Marie, and this is the inside of my head. I'm very open on my blog, weather its with my sexuality, feelings, or just how fucked up I am. & that's how its always going to be, follow me if you want, I always follow back. My blog is basically my obsession of Music, Porn, Food, and my mood. November 24,2013. 😍😍😘 I'm a culinary major at a little school called, SECTA. And I'm 17 years old, I'm terrified of growing up, loosing people, spiders, and things way bigger than I can handle. I do not promote cutting, or any form of self-harm as for I have struggled with it before, its not something to glamorize. I am 2 years, and 3 months clean If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm here. (: Message me on here, I'll respond. Well, that's me.